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Updated: Jun 9, 2018

The words that follow "I Am" are

powerful beyond measure.

I AM.....

The words that follow those two words - I AM - are the important ones. The ones that hold the power. The ones that make the difference.

From a very young age, I had others in my life influence how I perceived myself. My family was greatly dysfunctional. I grew up being directly affected by physical, emotional and sexual abuse, drug and alcohol addictions, neglect, etc. Being shown repeatedly that I was not worthy or special enough.

All leaving me to believe that I am....dysfunctional.

For years I have told myself I am...not good enough. I am....not worthy. I am....not pretty. I am....fat. I am....stupid. I am....broken. I am...never going to get ahead.

You name it, I have been beating myself up for one reason or another ALL of my life. And, all of my life, I have struggled and suffered.

For too long, I have allowed myself and others to define me and my life in a negative way.

Words Have Amazing Power

“What you tell yourself every day will either lift you up or tear you down.”

The words that follow "I AM" are what we are attracting to us. Our words are like magnets, drawing in those definitions, those thoughts and those feelings of ourselves.

What you say you are, what you will be is what you invite into your life.

No wonder I have always struggled and suffered. I have asked the universe over and over for exactly what I have been given. Self-doubt, heartache and disappointments is what I have been asking for all along. Not intentionally, of course. I've always WANTED to

be happy. I've always WANTED to be healthy. I've always WANTED to be successful. I just

wasn't putting that out into the world. I was saying, asking for, just the opposite, time and time again.

I AM talking to myself differently now and asking for what I want in my life. I am telling myself AND the universe that I am now open to receive what I have always deserved.

Watch this inspirational video to learn more about

asking for what you truly deserve.